How To Maintain Diesel Generator Fuel

1) inertia turbocharger. Diesel generator sets mounted on inertia turbocharger, generally increasing power 15%, fuel consumption dropped 3%~5%. 2) return pipe diversion. On the access pipe return pipe of diesel engine, bring the oil back into low-voltage circuit, to ensure normal combustion, fuel-saving effect is significant. 3) wrap toilet paper in the filter. Dressing in the diesel engine oil filter 2~3 strong adsorption layers of toilet paper, can improve the cleanliness of oil, to reduce fuel consumption. 4) retro-fitting foam air filter. In two-layer filters the air filter, add a layer of breathable performance 8~20mm thick foam can improve the filtration effect, keeping fuel normal combustion, reduced fuel consumption. 5) use fuel-saving smoke reduction. Will be reduced saving cigarette lighter vertically in front of the fuel pump circuit, connect the DC power supply. Diesel generating sets used on tobacco reduction significantly. Reduce environmental pollution, and saving 5%.