Perkins Series Diesel Generator

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: FDD275

  • Trademark: NEW-POWER

  • Origin: China

  • Model of Connection: 3 Phase 4 Lines

  • Specification: ISO9001

  • HS Code: 85023900

Product Description

Low noise, High-Emission standrads: Reach 1/2TA LUFT emission standards.
High economy: Using structure of four top cylinder vavles, optimizing flow control and the perfect mist spray nozzle, ensuring fast burning and high economical efficiency.

Stability and reliability: Useing the most leading process technology development and testing, using advanced multi-point injection cooling system to control the piston temperature, as well as multi-element analysis of control to ensure stability, low fuel consumption and low wear.

Independent direct fuel injection system, low fuel consumption, mechanical speed control, electric speed control, low flue gas emissions(EFI engines meet Euro 3 standrad, stable performance, small size, compact stucture, beautiful apperance and easy installation and maintenance.

Perkins Series Diesel Generator Sets which equip with original diesel engine from UK/USA
Engine Model: 2206-E13TAG2
Dimension: 2980*980*1840MM
Weight: 2506KG

Genset Features:
1. World-class quality
2. Economical cost, high reliability and durability
3. Small in size and light weight
4. Low noise and stable performance
5. Profesional configuration and premium quality
6. Worldwide reputation and global renown.

Engine Features:
1. Highly volumetric efficiency and combustion efficiency, take use of mobile combustion and fuel injection etc., the combustion chamber is filled up with air evenly which can be burned fully!
2. Advanced electronic fuel injection system to ensure the low fuel consumption, low vibration and noise, high durability of belt.
3. Excellent emission performance, use hot-wire oxygen sensor, exhaust recirculation system, fuel and vapor recycling system, crankcase forced ventilation devices, unique test of air flow etc related technologies.

Alternator features:
(Optional: Stamford, Leroy-somer, Etone, Marathon, etc. )
1. Brush-less, 4 poles, rotation magnet
2. IP21-23 (NEMA1) enclosure is standard for all industrial alternators
3. The insulation system is class H
4. Simple installation and maintenance, with easy access to terminals, rotating diodes and coupling bolts
5. Wide range of flange adaptors and single bearing disc coupling
6. Standard 2/3 pitch windings avoid excessive neutral currents

Control System
Manual/Automatic start & stop controller
Various Monitor Meter and Optional Switch
Remote control interface and Remote monitor/Remote Sense/Remote Meter (Optional)
MCCB for Short circuit & Overload (optional)
High water temperature alarm, Low oil pressure alarm, over speed alarm and other kind of alarm

1. Since gen-set reached the agreed destination, its main parts will be guaranteed within 12 months or 1000 hours. (Subject to the earlier mature term).
2. We take charge of all troubles caused by gen-set's fault and repair according to the regulation stipulated by original plants.
3. Factors not accordance with the regulation of original plants such as fragile parts, daily consumed components, wrong operating, lack of maintenance are not include in the quality guarantee.

Item                  KVA                    KW    Engine  Model                                        Alternator
PrimeStandbyPrimeStandbyNPG              Leroy Somer
FDD1091078      403D-11GNPG-6.5        LSA40VS0
FDD1413141011      403D-15GNPG-10.8        LSA40VS2
FDD2220221618      404D-22GNPG-18        LSA40M5
FDD7265725258      1104A-44TG1NPG-50        LSA43.2M45
FDD8880886470      1104A-44TG2NPG-64        LSA43.2L8
FDD8880886471      1104C-44TAG1NPG-64        LSA43.2L8
FDD1101001108088      1104C-44TAG2NPG-80        LSA44.2VS45

FDD3330332426      1103A-33GNPG-25        LSA42.2L9
FDD5045503640      1103A-33TG1NPG-34        LSA43.2S25
FDD6660664853      1103A-33TG2NPG-50        LSA43.2M45
FDD8880886470      1104A-44TG2NPG-64        LSA43.2L8
FDD1101001108088      1104C-44TAG2NPG-80        LSA44.2VS45
FDD150135150108120      1006TAGNPG-100        LSA44.2S75
FDD165150165120132      1006TAG2NPG-120        LSA44.2M95
FDD200180200144160      1306C-E66TAG4NPG-140        LSA46.2M3
FDD225200225160180      1306C-E87TAG3NPG-160        LSA46.2M5
FDD250225250180200      1306C-E87TAG4NPG-180        LSA46.2L6
FDD275250275200220      1306C-E87TAG6NPG-200        LSA46.2L6
FDD400350400280320      2206C-E13TAG2NPG-280        LSA47.2VS1
FDD450400450320360      2206C-E13TAG3NPG-320        LSA47.2S4
FDD500450500360400      2506C-E15TAG1NPG-360        LSA47.2S5
FDD550500550400440      2506C-E15TAG2NPG-400        LSA47.2M7
FDD660600660480528      2806A-E18TAG1ANPG-480        LSA47.2L9
FDD700625700500560      2806A-E18TAG2NPG-500        LSA49.1S4
FDD825750825600660      4006-23TAG2ANPG-600        LSA49.1M65
FDD900800900640720      4006-23TAG3ANPG-640        LSA49.1M75
FDD110010001100800880      4008TAG2ANPG-820        LSA49.1L11
FDD13751250137510001100      4012-46TWG2ANPG-1000        LSA50.2M6
FDD15001350150010801200      4012-46TWG3ANPG-1100        LSA  50.2  L7
FDD16501500165012001320      4012-46TAG2ANPG-1250        LSA50.2L8
FDD18751710187513681500      4012-46TAG3ANPG-1350        LSA50.2VL10
FDD20001850200014801600      4016TAG1ANPG-1520        LSA51.2M60
FDD22502000225016001800      4016TAG2ANPG-1650        LSA51.2M60
FDD25002250250018002000      4016-61TRG3vNPG-1800        LSA51.2VL85