Paralleling Googol 2400kw 3000kVA Diesel Generator MW Power Plant

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: FDHGGM3300

  • Installation Method: Fixed

  • Cooling Method: Water Cooling

  • Speed: Speed

  • Usage: Common Units

  • Excitation Mode: AC Rotating Exciter

  • Alternator Model: Marathon Mxl-2500-4

  • Voltages: Low Voltage 380V, 400V, Adjustable

  • Warranty: 1 Year or 1000 Working Hours

  • Canopy Types: Silent, Container, Trailer, etc

  • Lowest Fuel Consumption Ratio: 191.75g/Kw.Hr

  • Package: Poly Plastic Firm/ Wooden Package

  • Origin: Guangdong, China

  • Type: Self-Starting Diesel Generator

  • Stroke: Four Stroke

  • Output Type: AC Three Phase

  • Conditions of Use: Land Use

  • Landuse Type of Unit: Low Noise

  • Engine Model: Googol Qta5400g5 Engine

  • Controller Model: Deep Sea, Comp, Datakom, etc

  • Certificates: CE, ISO.BV, GOST, TUV, SGS, etc

  • Prime Power: 2400kw 3000kVA

  • Option: ATS, Circuit Breaker, Parallel, Remote Controlpanels

  • Trademark: HONNY

  • Specification: ISO8528, CE, GOST, etc

  • HS Code: 8502131000

Product Description

Googol Engine 50Hz 2400kW 3000kVA Large Diesel Generator set

Performance Feature
Engine and alternator shall be mounted on a same frame steel skid.
Built-in damper for anti-vibration.
World most famous brand diesel engine.
World famous brand AC alternator.
Advanced and reliable control module
Full range protection function and alarm shutdown feature.

Alternator Feature
Brush-less, 4 poles, rotation magnet.
IP21-23(NEMA1) enclosure is standard for all industrial alternators.
The insulation system is Class H
Simple installation and maintenance, with easy access to terminals, rotating diodes and coupling bolts.
Wide range of flange adaptors and single bearing disc coupling.
Standard 2/3 pitch windings avoid excessive neutral currents
AVR auto voltage regulator, auto exciter, auto adjustment

Standard Accessory
Common steel base frame, Damper, Exhaust silencer, Flexible pipe, Battery and connecting wires, Operation manual and document.

Optional Accessory
Engine coolant and oil heater, Alternator space heater, Cooling for heat exchanger, Control system with RS232/485 communication interface, Battery charger by main supply, Fuel-water separator, Daily fuel tank, ATS & paralleling system, and Moving Trailer.

Silent Canopy Description
Standard Accessory:
Steel Weatherproof Canopy
Built In Fuel Tank For 8 Hours Running
Built In Control Panel
Built In Start Battery
Power Output Rapid Insert
Windows for Looking
Air Louver for Intake & Exhaust
Exhaust Gas Silencer
Soundproof Type

Quality Warranty Period:
All equipment is guaranteed for a period of 1000 hours running or 12 months from the date when the generator set has been delivered from the factory.

For emergency power usage in building, Auto transfer switch (ATS) is essential. ATS can automatic transfer load from Mains power supplying to Emergency power. In normal, when the Main power supplying failure or voltage drop below 80% of normal voltage, ATS will auto start Emergency generator set after a preset time of 0-10 sec (adjustable according to the users). Once generator reach at rated speed, the ATS will transfer the load to emergency generator sets automatically

Generator ModelFDHGM3300
Genset Prime Power2400kW/3000kVA
Engine Ratings:
Engine Speed(RPM)1500
Generator set Frequency(Hz)50
Engine Standby Power (LTP)(kW)2722 
Engine Prime Power (PRP)(kW)2474 
Engine Continuous Power (COP)(kW)2021 
Single Fan Power(kW)37.5 
Single Fan Consumption(kW)34.0
Quantity of Fan(Sets)4
All Fan Consumption(kW)136
Engine Net Standby Output  (LTP)(kW)2722 
Engine Net Prime Output  (PRP)(kW)2474 
Engine Net Continuous Output  (COP)(kW)2021 
BMEP for Standby Output(bar)24.72 
BMEP for Prime Output (bar)22.48 
BMEP for Continuous Output (bar)18.36 
Typical Generation Standby Output (kVA)3300
Typical Generation Standby Output (kW)2640
Typical Generation Prime Output (kVA)3000
Typical Generation Prime Output (kW)2400
Typical Generation Continuous Output (kVA)2451 
Typical Generation Continuous Output (kW)1960
Typical  Alternator Efficiency 
Power Factor 0.8
Speed droop (static) elect. Gov. 0-5%
Governing standards to ISO 8528 Parts 1 and 5 G3
Max. step load acceptance, 1st step(% Prime Output) 40%
Basic Performance Datasheet
Aspiration Type Turbocharger, air-water After- cooler
Turbocharger Type 2*R151
Injection Type Direct Injection
Configuration Vee
No. of Cylinders 20
Compression Ratio 13.5:1
Piston Speed(m/s)9.75
Rotation Direction (from flywheel) Counter Clockwise
Number of Flywheel Teeth 218
Flywheel House Size SAE00-21
Lubrication System
Lube Oil Specification AFI-CF4
Oil Capacity( Liters)300
Max. Permissible Oil Temperature (°C)110
Low Oil Pressure Warning (kPa)300
Low Oil Pressure Shutdown (kPa)200
Oil consumption (as % of fuel consumption) ≤0.5
Cooling System
Coolant Capacity for Engine( Liters)200
Max. Permissible Temperature (C)82
Max. Coolant Warning Temperature (C)85
Max. Coolant Shutdown Temperature (C)90
Thermostat Open Temperature (C)71
Radiator Cooling Flow(m/min)3748
Flow of Coolant pump(m/h)80+75
Heat dissipation (engine radiator)(kW)845 
Heat dissipation (CAC)(kW)501 
Heat dissipation (convection)(kW)152 
Radiator Model QSCN7001
Fuel System
Governor Type Electrical Control
Engine Output at generator set prime output(kW)2474 
Fuel Consumption at 25% of generator set prime output(l/h)176.04 
Fuel Consumption at 50% of generator set prime output(l/h)292.56 
Fuel Consumption at 75% of generator set prime output(l/h)379.43 
Fuel Consumption at 100% of generator set prime output(l/h)567.61 
Lowest Fuel Consumption Ratiog/kW.hr191.75 
Intake & Exhaust System(On Standby Output)
Combustion Air Consumption(m/min)278.32 
Max. Intake Restriction(Kpa)2
Max. Exhaust Temperature(Before Turbo)(C)680
Max. Exhaust Temperature(After Turbo)(C)560
Max. Exhaust Back Pressure(Kpa)2
Exhaust Gas Flow(m/min)704.33 
Exhaust Flange Diameter(mm)2*250
Electrical System
Charging Alternator Voltage(V)28
Charging Alternator Capacity(A)55
Starting Voltage(V)24
Starting Motor Capacity(kW)2*13
Minimum Battery Capacity(Ah)4*200
Minimum Temperature for Unaided Cold Start(C)10
Engine Dimension
Engine Dry Weight w/o Cooling System(kg)7800
1,All engine parameters are in accordance with ISO3046, ISO8528
2,All engine parameters are based on 25 C / 100kPa environment condition
3,No power decrease with below 40 C environment temperature and 1500 meter altitude
4,More than 40;Cand 1500m above sea level , decrease 2% per 10;C , and 4% per 300m
5,At calorific value 42700 kJ/kg + 5%, density 0,835 kg/dm3 , temperature 280 K
6,Above data is only the testing data in our laboratory, it can't used to be the data on all contract
 AlternatorAlternator modelMXL-2500-4  MarathonRating Voltage(V)400/230V,380/220V adjustableRating Capacity(KW/KVA)2400/3000Eff.%96.8%Power Factor0.8Exciting typeBrushless self-exciter AVRVoltage regulation 1%No. of  Phase3 phase 4 wireEnclosure ClassIP22Class of InsulationH


Standard Accessory Battery4X200AH 12V
Battery Wires1 set
Flexible Pipe10*2 inch
Industry Silencer10*2 inch
Optional Accessory5VCB Breaker Panel 
Fuel Tank2000 Liter
Fuel-water Separator  
HeaterCoolant & Oil Heater