Cummins Diesel Generator (50Hz)

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: FDDBCX550

  • Installation Method: Fixed

  • Cooling Method: Water Cooling

  • Rated Voltage: 400/230V

  • Rated Speed: 1500/1800rmp

  • Trademark: FDD Power

  • Origin: Jiangsu, China

  • Type: Self-Starting Diesel Generator

  • Stroke: Four Stroke

  • Output Type: AC Three Phase

  • Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz

  • Power Factor: 0.8(Lagging)

  • Specification: CE, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001

  • HS Code: 8502131000

Product Description

Cummins Diesel Generator (50Hz)
KTA19-G4 Cummins Generator
Genset model: FDDBCX550
Cummins diesel generator set is one of the most competitive products.
Cummins engine is one of the most popular power all over the world.
Binshi is one of Cummins OEM manufacturers in China.

Characteristics of Cummins Engine:
(1) Cummins diesel generator set of basic design features:
Cummins diesel generator set cylinder design rugged, vibration small, noise is small; In-line six-cylinder four-stroke, smooth operation, high efficiency; Replace the wet cylinder sleeves, long life, easy maintenance; A two-cylinder cover, four valves per cylinder, intake full, mandatory water-cooled, thermal radiation is small, performance.
(2) Cummins diesel generator fuel system:
Cummins PT fuel system patented and unique overspeed protection devices; Low-pressure pipelines, pipe a small, failure rate is low, high reliability; High-pressure injection, burning fully. Equipped with a fuel oil supply and oil return one-way valve, the use of safe and reliable.
(3) Cummins diesel generator set Intake:
Cummins diesel generators are installed with dry-type air filter and air resistance indicators, the use of exhaust gas turbochargers, intake adequate performance is guaranteed.
(4) Cummins diesel generator set exhaust system:
Cummins diesel generator set using pulse dry-type exhaust pipes, which can effectively use exhaust gas energy, give full play to the engine performance; Unit has built for the 127mm diameter exhaust pipe and exhaust bellows, easy to connect.
(5) Cummins diesel generator cooling system:
Cummins diesel generator set engines used gear within the mandatory water-cooled centrifugal water pump, large flow channel design, good cooling effect, which can effectively reduce the thermal radiation and noise. A unique spin-mounted water filter, to prevent rust and corrosion, control the acidity and remove impurities.
(6) Cummins diesel generator set Lubrication system:
Variable flow oil pump, with the main oil-Road signal tube, the main oil path according to oil pressure to adjust the fuel pump to optimize access to the engine's oil production; Low oil pressure (241-345kPa), these measures can effectively reduce the pumping power loss to improve power, improve engine fuel economy.
(7) Cummins diesel generator set power output:
In the shock absorber can be installed before the dual-slot power output of the crankshaft pulley, Cummins diesel generator set is equipped with multi-slot front of the annex to drive pulley, can take a variety of front-end power output device.

AC Alternator
(1) Brand: Leroy-somer, Marathon, Stamford and Engga(optional)
(2) Excitation method: Brushless self-excitation
(3) Insulation grade: H
(4) Protection grade: IP21-IP23
(5) Electromagnetic interference: THF<2%, TIF<50

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Diesel Generator Specifications
Rated Power (KW/KVA) 400 / 500
Standby Power (KW/KVA) 440 / 550
Rated Voltage (V) 230 / 400
Frequency (Hz) 50
Rated current (A) 722
Steady State Voltage Adjustment177; 0.5%
TransientStateVoltage Adjustment177; 20%~-15%
Voltage Recovery Time (S) 2
Voltage Fluctuation Ratio0.5%
Voltage Wave Distortion Ratio5%
Steady State Frequency Adjustment177; 5%(0-5 adjustable)
TransientStateFrequency Adjustment+10%~-7%
Frequency Recovery Time (S) 3
Frequency Fluctuation Ratio 0.5%
Starting Mode DC 24V
Noise level dB(A) @ 1 meter103
Overall Dimension(mm)  (L*W*H) 3600*1250* 1900
Weight (kg) 4800
Standard  Atmosphere GB1105, ISO3046
Altitude (m)1000
Ambient Temperature(&#186; C)40
Relative Humidity(%)95
Diesel Engine Specifications
Engine Model Chongqing  Cummins KTA19-G4
Type 4-Stroke, Straight, 6-Cylinder
Cooling Mode Radiator fan cooling for closed-type cooling mode
Bore x Stoke(mm) 159 *159
Displacement (L) 18.9
Compression Ratio 14.5: 1
Engine Power 504KW @1, 500 rpm
Fuel Diesel
Oil Consumption (L/h ) 107
Max. Exhaust Back Pressure (kPa) 10
Combustion Air Flow (m&#179; /min) 32
Coolant Capacity (L) 66
Lubricant Oil Capacity (L) 50
Governing Method Electrical
Alternator Specifications
Alternator Model Stamford HCI544D
Rated Capacity (KW/KVA) 440 / 550
Power Factor 0.8
Insulation Class H
Stator  Winding 2/3
Over-speed 2250 rpm
Short-circuit Current 2400 Amps
Control System
Brand Deepsea from U. K.
Model DSE7310
Capacity Over-speed, high water temperature, low oil pressure, start failure, hand start control, distal start control and ect.