1200HP Cummins Marine Diesel Engine Fishing/Dredger Boat Engine


Basic Info.


Model NO.:KTA38-M2


Intake Pressure Impulse:Supercharged


Speed:High Speed


Piston Movement:Rotary


Ignition Mode:Compression-Ignition


Number of Cylinders:Multi-Cylinder Machines


Cooling Cylinder:Water-Cooled


Number of Strokes:Four-Stroke


Fuel:Diesel Engine


Cylinder Arrangement Form:V






Specification:1200HP, 1800RPM




HS Code:8483


Product Description

Features and Benefits:
Engine Design: Rugged in-line size cylinder designed for heavy duty applications, Replaceable wet cylinder liners for longer life and lower rebuild costs. Individual 4 valve design cylinder heads for improved economy and performance, Gallery cooled pistons for maximum durability.
Fuel system: Dependable Cummins PY fuel system can be operated mechanically or with CENTRY electronics for precise engine fueling. Step timing Control (STC) allows for smooth engine acceleration under load. Premium fuel injectors utilize ceramic components for increased durability.
Cooling system: Watercooled exhaust manifold reduces emissions and cools engine surface temperatures.

Configuration: Vee type, 12 cylinder, 4 stroke diesel
Aspiration:    Turbocharged/Aftercooled
Displacement:  38 Liters (2301 In)
Bore * Stoke:  159*159mm (6.25*6.25 in)
Compression ratio:13.9 : 1
Rotation:      Counterclockwise facing flywheel

Model:                KTA38-M2
Output power:         1200HP, 895KW
Speed:                1800RPM
Fuel consumption:     155.2 Liters (41Gal) per hoour
Rating:               HD (Heavy duty)
Size:                 2152*1462*2083 (L*W*H)
Weight:               4218Kg (9300lb)