Soundproof Diesel Silent Generator

Soundproof Diesel Silent Generator
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Silent Diesel Generator

Silent generator set are product that the low noise power station is suitable for the place where the noise level is limited.The silent diesel generator's noise level is lower than 70db,it has the features of strong mobility,adaptability and operation.Cummins silent generator set and perkins silent diesel generator are the world famous products.

Advantages of Cummins engine: with the feature of superior performance, high combustion efficiency, fuel efficiency and can provide strong driving force, good durable(in use) economic, easy maintenance, and long continuous running, etc. As high power genset, it is widely used in industrial, railway, generating equipments and so on. The global service network of Cummins can provide customers with reliable and guaranteed service. It is welcomed by the most of customers

For silent generator, the noise level can be 70db(A)@7M; with silent canopy, the silent genset can be soundproof, rainproof, rustproof, dustproof and more safe.


Engine can be coupled with SUNVIM, STAMFORD, LEORY SOMER, MARATHON alternator according to customers' demand.

Prime output power: 20kw-1300 kw(25kva-1625kva)

Controller system

1.Standard control panel, including voltmeter, fequency meter, ampere meter,water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, AMF control module,oil level indicator, emergency button,preheating button, battery voltage gauge, hours running counter for protection and tranfering.

2.It can be with ATS electric control cabinet, including circuit breaker, LCD or LED auto controller, indicating lamp, transfer switch,etc.. Automatic transfer switch (ATS) uses update technology, which can be automatic control for on-off electricity, remote monitoring, automatic parallel operation, etc.

50HZ Cummins Silent Generator Data Sheet (1500RPM)
Genset ModelRated powerCummins EngineMarathon AlternatorPDF Download
kwkvaEngine ModelAlternator Model
JGC20GF20254B3.9-G2GM-20-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC20GF.PDF
JGC75GF75946BT5.9-G2MP-75-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC75GF.PDF
JGC100GF1001256BTA5.9-G2MP-100-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC100GF.PDF
JGC200GF2002506LTAA8.3-G2MP-200-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC200GF.PDF
JGC200GF200250NT855-GAMP-200-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC200GF.PDF
JGC220GF220275NTA855-G1MP-220-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC220GF.PDF
JGC1000GF10001250QSKTA38-G5MX-1030-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC1000GF.PDF
60HZ Cummins Silent Generator Set Data Sheet (1800RPM)
Genset ModelRated powerCummins EngineMarathon AlternatorPDF Download
kwkvaEngine ModelAlternator Model
JGC24GF24254B3.9-G2GM-24-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC24GF.PDF
JGC30GF3037.54BT3.9-G2GM-30-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC30GF.PDF
JGC50GF5062.54BTA3.9-G2MP-50-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC50GF.PDF
JGC90GF90112.56BT5.9-G2MP-90-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC90GF.PDF
JGC110GF110137.56BTA5.9-G2MP-120-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC110GF.PDF
JGC120GF1201506BTAA5.9-G2MP-120-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC120GF.PDF
JGC160GF1602006CTA8.3-G2MP-160-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC160GF.PDF
JGC180GF1802256CTAA8.3-G2MP-180-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC180GF.PDF
JGC250GF250313NTA855-G1MP-250-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC250GF.PDF
JGC300GF300375NTA855-G1BMP-300-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC300GF.PDF
JGC320GF320400NTA855-G3MP-320-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC320GF.PDF
JGC350GF350438KTA19-G2MP-350-4A/SSilent Diesel GeneratorJGC350GF.PDF
JGC400GF400500KTA19-G3MP-400-4A/SSilent Diesel GeneratorJGC400GF.PDF
JGC450GF450562KTA19-G4MP-480-4A/SSilent Diesel GeneratorJGC450GF.PDF
JGC500GF500625KTA19-G5MP-500-4A/SSilent Diesel GeneratorJGC500GF.PDF
JGC550GF550688KTAA19-G6AMX-560-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC550GF.PDF
JGC600GF600750KT38-GMX-600-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC600GF.PDF
JGC750GF750937KTA38-G2MX-750-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC750GF.PDF
JGC800GF8001000KTA38-G2AMX-800-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC800GF.PDF
JGC900GF9001125KTA38-G4MX-900-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC900GF.PDF
JGC1100GF11001375KTA50-G3MX-1100-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC1100GF.PDF
JGC1200GF12001500KTA50-G9MX-1240-4Silent Diesel GeneratorJGC1200GF.PDF

Standard Configuration of Cummins Silent Diesel Generator Set

1. Cummins engine

2. Stamford alternator (Lisite brand for option)

3. Soundproof canopy

4. DeepSea DSE3110 control panel

5. CHINT circuit breaker

6. 8 Working Hours Base Fuel Tank (for the genset = 650kVA prime, only Base Frame for other models)

7. Anti-Vibration Mounted System

8. Battery and battery charger

9. Industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose

Features of Cummins Silent Generator

1. International Warranty Service

2. Short delivery time, as we always have Cummins engine in stock

3. With ISO9001& CE certification

4. Spare parts are easy to get from worldwide market with much cheaper price

5. Coupled with Stamford alternator or Chinese Lisite alternator

6. Perfect after-service network

7. Both 50Hz and 60Hz

8. Rigorous test including 50% load, 75% load, 100% load and 110% load

FENGDE is a manuacturer and supplier of silent generator from China. Our silent generator has passed CE certification and the Quality management system of ISO9001:2008 and exported to to more than 30 countries and regions, like philippines, singapore, malaysia, indonesia, russia, india, south america.