Frequency Conversion Cabinet

Product Details

Frequency conversion cabinet

Frequency conversion cabinet is composed by built-in frequency converter and the periphery control, protection, display and the cabinet. It is a drag devices and energy-saving devices to control frequency control of motor speed of three-phase AC motor (including fans, pumps)

Specification:High power factor,Constant torque performance (below base frequency) program control, upper and lower speed control, forward and reverse control, protection of automatic infinitely adjustable-speed and motor short-circuit, overload, overvoltage, under voltage and etc.


Network voltage:380V

Capacity: 0.75~630KW(Three-phase asynchronous motor speed regulation and operation)

Level of Protection: It adopts closed cabinet structure, generally for IP20, IP21 IP30 and etc.

Structure: Using profiles skeleton, surface coating spray, also easy to install combine cabinet. The top can be configured bus, inverter panel until cabinet appearance to operate directly. It can be set Local and remote control or PC/PLC program control according the needs, also with various intuitive display function

Types: The frequency conversion cabinet of constant pressure water supply (one controls one, one controls two, one controls three etc.), Escalator frequency conversion cabinet, The frequency conversion cabinet of central air conditioning water circulating pump ,Fan frequency conversion & energy saving cabinets