Emergency Switchboard

Emergency Switchboard
Product Details

High voltage/ low voltage marine switchgear emergency switchboard is used for the protection of generator from overload, short-circuit, under-voltage and extinct voltage, manual and automatic remote control operation, automatic starting of generator, automatic power supply, automatic dismantling and stop, automatic alarm for troubles.

Additional Description

Meets : National standard of “Rules and regulations for the construction and classification of sea-going steel ships”(2012) and “Marine A.c low voltage switchboard -General specificaton(GB/T11634-2000)?

FENGDE is a manuacturer and supplier of Marine Emergency Switchboard from China. Our Marine Emergency Switchboard has passed CE certification and the Quality management system of ISO9001:2008 and exported to to more than 30 countries and regions, like philippines, singapore, malaysia, indonesia, russia, india, south america.